Was there a day in your life when nothing good ever seemed to happened to you?

Have you wondered why it ever happened?

Ask yourself what has brought you all the negative things you may be experiencing.

Is it other people?

Or is it you, yourself who let all these bad things happen to you?

I have asked this question to myself many times, but unfortunately it took me some years later to truly find the answers.

Attracting means you draw something towards you. In life, everything has happened, is happening and will happen because you wished for it.

This is the law of attraction.

So what is the secret law of attraction?

How do you now attract positive things to happen in your life?

The Secret Law Of Attraction All Starts With Your Thoughts.

The secret of attraction begins with your thoughts. People who have acquired abundance and wealth all think in a certain way. For instance, a businessman who has pending contracts to close thinks of finalizing and having his clients sign all the contracts today. Guess what? He is able to close all his deals. He didn't allow any negative thoughts to enter his mind, and therefore accomplish his goals with a certainty and focus.

You are a powerful magnet that attracts things to happen in your life. Whatever you consistently think of, will eventually happen and be realized in your life. If you really desire something, make it your dominant thought. Anything contradictory in what you are thinking must be erased from your mind. Later on you will realize that everything you're thinking of or wishing of at that time will have already come true.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Requires A Focus Of Mind And A Consciousness Of Thoughts

If you want something really badly, simply focus and hold on to that thought. The secret law of attraction doesn't translate to "do not" or "no." It is highly recommended that you use only positive statements. For example, say "I want more work" or "I will get that promotion I deserve." And slowly watch this secret law work. It will deliver exactly what you are thinking of - it's as simple as that!

You are always thinking, whether consciously or unconsciously. When you are speaking with someone, you are thinking. When you are planning for the future, you are thinking. The only time you are not thinking is when you are asleep. However, the power of attraction is still working in your thoughts before you go to sleep. That's why you have to consciously think good thoughts before you go to bed.

Actioning the Secret Law Of Attraction

It's all well and good thinking these positive thoughts but unfortunately these alone aren't going to get you everything you want. The law of attraction is just a tool to help you get what you want. It's not this miracle genie who just appears at the click of your fingers and hands you all your wishes on a silver platter.

Riches and rewards require ACTION.

As we all know when you do any sort of action, some sort of result occurs.

So if you don't take action towards the attainment of your desired goals, unfortunately, you won't get results no matter how hard you think about getting them.


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